Working Artist Ink is offering services for:

17 X 22 Giclée Prints Printmaking is always an interpretive process and to insure that your print matches your vision, Working Artist Ink offers you the opportunity to work side by side with an award winning artist - technician.*

A digital file or a 4 x 5 transparency will produce the best results.

A giclée is an individually produced, high resolution, high fidelity, high tech reproduction done on a special large format inkjet printer that employs six colors and two shades of blacks of light fast pigmented inks resulting in a wider color gamut. Giclées are superior to traditional lithography in that the colors are brighter, last longer and are of such high resolution that they are virtually ‘continuous tone’, rather than tiny dots — making the details crisper.

The archival range for the pigments are 200 years for B&W and 100 years for color. The paper employed is museum quality paper.

CATALOGUES The themes, achievements and clarities that you have arrived at over a life time can be housed coherently and beautifully in the pages of a catalogue — your own museum.

Capture and perserve the dynamic of the works in an exhibition. Each work relating closely to each. Hold that moment of engagement, effort and clarity in the pages of a catalogue.

Your catalogues can either be “perfect bound” or have a self cover that is saddle stitched. Images are carefully and faithfully corrected. Catalogues are individually designed with in depth consultation on design and choice of images.

ANNOUNCEMENT CARDS and POSTERS Produce promotion material that represent who you are as an artist.

*National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).
Working as a Graphic Artist since 1980.